Hey, Ben: We’d Like to Talk to You About that Home Loan!

loanDepot’s Open Letter Offering former Federal Reserve Chairman the Refi Denied Him and Millions of Americans

Oct 3, 2014

IRVINE, CA - October 03 2014

Hi, Ben:


It’s Anthony Hsieh here, chief executive officer and chairman of loanDepot LLC, one of the fastest-growing nonbank lenders in the nation. I read the post on The New York Times ‘The Upshot’ blog and understand you’re having a hard time trying to refinance your home. In fact you’ve been denied.


I wish I could say I was surprised. But it looks like being the former chairman of the Federal Reserve won’t save you from the “refinance runaround” millions of creditworthy borrowers in our country encounter every year when they deal with the typical mortgage lender. And it’s not really the lender’s fault, it gets down to unnecessarily strict guidelines most of us must follow in today’s environment.


Ben, it doesn’t have to be that way. Give us a call and we’ll look at your application today. We’ll do our best to refinance your home – no hassles. It doesn’t matter why you want to refinance, I think we might be able to help you. We do it all the time for creditworthy borrowers who are looking to reduce their interest rate and/or payment or convert from an adjustable to a fixed-rate mortgage. And Ben, if you’re hoping to save those speaking fees you work so hard to earn, and use a refinance to cash out on equity to improve your home, we can help with that, too. HARP loans are great options for many.


Please don’t get the wrong idea, Ben. We’re not trying to curry favor or win your influence. Sure, I’ll admit I’m a fan of yours, but the refinance loan I’m offering you is the same deal we offer to every creditworthy borrower every day. Great rates, low fees and a smooth and seamless process that closes loans faster than the industry average. We like to say, Your Best Loan. Period.


While your lender may not want to work with you on your refi because they say you earn “commissions” now instead of a salary, we’ll work with you just like we do with creditworthy borrowers from all walks of life in a similar position. Mortgage lending shouldn’t be a cookie cutter business and, as you’ve experienced, the mortgage industry’s one-size-fits-all solutions are failing too many people.


Don’t be just another number, Ben. Give us a call. Let’s get this refi done.


Warm Regards,
Anthony Hsieh
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, loanDepot
(888) 983-3240


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